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& Training


Pedagological Training

  • 2018 - 2020, earning College Teaching Certificate from the University of Chicago and the Chicago Center for Teaching. Advanced pedagogical training in advanced high school and collegiate teaching


  • 2019, CCT 50000 1, Course Design and College Teaching, instructor, teaching graduate students and post-doctoral researchers on effective collegiate teaching, with focuses such as inclusivity in the classroom, philosophy of teaching, and designing courses


  • 2018, BSDG 50001 1, Teaching in the Sciences, training in pedagogy and designing undergraduate courses with emphasis on teaching in the Biological Sciences


  • 2017, BSDG 5000 1, Teaching Assistantship Training, training in working effectively as a TA

Teaching Experience

  • 2018, BSDG 50000 1, Teaching Assistantship Training, graduate instructor, educating early career researchers in undergraduate teaching at the University of Chicago, emphasis on teaching in the sciences


  • 2018, GEOS 13900, Biological Evolution (University of Chicago), teaching assistant to Dr D. Jablonski for introductory evolutionary biology for non-majors


  • 2015, BIOS 23262, Mammalian Evolutionary Biology (University of Chicago), teaching assistant to Dr K.D. Angielczyk and Dr Z.X. Luo. Organized lab work and experiments associated with skeletal biology and wet lab dissection

Research Technical Skills

  • Proficient in 3D scanning techniques, including photogrammetry and surface scanning

  • Extensive experience with micro-computed tomography (Micro CT) scanning technology

  • Proficient in CT scan segmentation technology, Mimics

  • Experience utilizing 3D printing technology, and using the models for functional morphological research

  • Extensive experience in 2D and 3D morphometrics technology

  • Proficient in R programs

  • Integrative and quantitative analyses of ecology and evolutionary morphology

  • Experience building time scaled phylogenies to be included in analyses and to provide phylogenetic correction to morphological data

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